“Khaled is very punctual and responsible. He was up to any task with a great deal of flexibility and professionalism. He also worked very well with people from different backgrounds and cultures, both students and co-workers. Khaled proved himself to be diligent, hard working, and dedicated.” (Ms.Nevien Ragab – Teacher Trainer – TEFL International)

“Khaled worked well in teams. He knows how to set goals and how to achieve them. He has a very good sense of accountability and determination.” (Dr. Sara El-zarka – Assistant Professor – AAST)

“You are one of the professional Trainers I’ve ever met. I want to be a trainer, and I really like the way you train the trainees. I like the way you motivate us. Thanks Mr. Khaled.” (Ahmed Ghareeb – Customer Service Staff – Fathalla)

“You have to know that I hate to work on weekends, but I have no problem to attend your workshop tomorrow, I know that it will be so useful and fun.” (Islam Hilal – Customer Service Staff – Fathalla)

“How old are you? You are so young for such experience. I am glad to be here.” (Ghada Madhat – Customer Service Staff – Fathalla)

“I have been told that this training session is so boring, so ideal, unrealistic, could not be applied in the real life, but that’s not true, time flies with you.” (Sarah Adam – Customer Service Staff – Fathalla)

“Your workshop are so alive, I am so excited to attend other workshops with you.” (Mohamed Adel – Customer Service Staff – Fathalla)

“Special thanks to Mr. Khaled, who made me feel like a student again.” (Mohamed Amin – Customer Service Staff – Fathalla)

“We are lucky to meet a unique trainer like you. Thanks.” (Doaa Nasr – Customer Service Staff – Fathalla)

“You are up to any task, you know how to keep students engaged with their learning and how to get along with students.” (T.Ana – IAB)

Some of the Testimonials are translated from Arabic to English, they might not be accurately translated but I guarantee the same meaning.


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